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Nusatic 2023 & OFI are proud to annouce

Nusatic 2023 Conference "The Aquarium Fish Industry

moving forward after COVID-19"

July 14 – 16 2023
ICE Exhibition Centre Jakarta

Nusatic 2023 

The Aquarium Fish Industry moving forward

after COVID-19

Nusatic 2023 The Aquarium Fish Industry moving forward after COVID-19 Conference, will provide a live international forum  for delegates to hear from a host of local and international speakers on the major issues and opportunities in the  aquarium industry after COVID-19. Speakers will also present on some of the latest best practices and livelihood benefits of our industry. As well as the conference presentations, each session will feature a live discussion panel with our industry experts to discuss the topics presented, with audience participation encouraged.  

Being an international platform we want to create a space where aquarium professionals and hobbyists can share information and their passion for fish keeping. There are few international forums available for aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists to learn about the industry, so we encourage anyone with an interest to attend. It's also a great platform to see some of the latest equipment and accessories available to the industry.

There will be 3 sessions, each with a separate theme:   

      • Session #1: Friday 14th July 2023 0900-1130: “The Aquarium Industry after COVID, Challenges and Opportunities". Various speakers presenting on International market trends, regulation and legislation affecting industry
      • Session # 2: Saturday 15th  July 0900- 1200: 0900-1230  “The latest research and best practice”. Various speakers presenting on latest research into culture technologies and best practices.
      • Session #3 Saturday 15th  July 1300- 1500:  “The Aquarium Industry Livelihood and Lifestyle Benefits”.  Various speakers presenting on livelihood benefits for collectors and farmers, a s well as the broader benefits to health and lifestyles of people

Our international and local experts will be talking live and online about the leading issues in the worlds aquarium industry today. 


Three sessions of live and online presentations, as well as live panel discussions:

      • Updates on the International Aquarium industry & Current Issues
      • New Technologies & Best Practices
      • Local and International Experts
      • Free for all Nusatic Show Entrants
      • Farm Tour, spend the day touring fish farms in the Jakarta area.


    Nusatic 2023 is open for all those with an interest in the aquarium industry. Students, hobbyists, industry professional, academics, government workers are all encouraged to attend.


    NUSATIC (Nusantara Aquatic) is the World Largest International Ornamental Fish Exhibition and Aquatic Show. The show has evolved since the first edition in 2016 as a fish show and now includes exhibition, International Conference, Talkshow, International Ornamental Fish and Aquatic Plants Competitions. In fact, It is the World’s Largest joint event of Exhibition and Contests for Ornamental Fish and Aquatic Plants, with more than 13,000 fish presented in the show at the last edition. NUSATIC 2023 will be the fifth instalment and will be bigger and better than ever!

    Information for International Visitors

    Jakarta, Indonesia's massive capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. A historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European – has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine. As a result, Jakarta has a decidedly cosmopolitan flavor and a diverse culture. Many of the immigrants are from the other parts of Java Island, bringing along a mixture of dialects of the Javanese and Sundanese languages, as well as their traditional foods and customs.

    Home to over 10 million people, Jakarta has an equatorial/tropical climate and is relatively hot and humid climate. The wet season rainfall peak is January, with an average monthly rainfall of 350 mm, with the dry season low point in August.  Jakarta is humid throughout the year with daily temperature range of 25°C to 33°C.
    During July when the show, the weather generally average high of 84°F (29°C) and a low of 74°F (23°C), it generally feels pleasantly warm, humid but cool. There might also be a small chance of rain. The exhibition halls are fully air-conditioned for your comfort.

    Visa regulations

    There are different visa regulations for foreigners, so you might check with the Indonesian Embassy in your country for immigration details.

    How to arrive in Jakarta

    You can reach Jakarta with all major airlines, likely with stops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

    Visitor Registration

    You do not need to pre-register for Nusatic 2023. You can simply enter the venue and proceed to the Visitor registration counter. English speaking staff will support you if necessary. All visitors will receive visitor badges. 

    For more information on the ICE Exhibition centre click here

    The easiest accommodation for Nusatic is the official show Hotel located adjacent to ICE for easy access.For more information click here

    For reservation and special rate contact Nusatic administrators on

    If the exhibition hotel doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of other accommodation options available in the area, as well as a large shopping centre with numerous shops and dining experiences available. Check the map below for more ideas.

    Our Partners and Sponsors

    The Nusatic organising committee and Ornamental Fish International would like to thank our sponsors for their financial contributions to Nusatic 2023. Please support our sponsors and visit their website by clicking their logo below

    CONFERENCE Speakers

    Our speakers include leading industry professionals and academics from around the world. 

    Shane Willis MSc

    "The Aquarium Industry Status and Opportunites 2023"

    President OFI, Visiting Professor SHOU


    Till Deuss

    "The Future Marine Aquarium Fish Breeding"

    Bocas Mariculture


    Svein A Fossa

    "The Animal Rights movement – a major threat to the institution of pet keeping?" and "CITES and the aquarium trade: A look into the crystal ball."

    Vice President OFI


    Dr. Timothy Miller-Morgan 

    "Current and Emerging Issues in Aquatic Animal Health"

    Oregon State University


    Esther Mous

    "The Beauty of Aquascaping and How it Helped to Revive the Planted Aquarium Hobby"


    The Netherlands


    "Coral Farming"



    Michael Baltzer

    "Joining the SHOAL: How the aquarium hobby can help save the planet"



    Dr Suseno Sukoyono

    "Digital transformation in Indonesia's Ornamental Fish industry: Opportunity and Challenge"

    Ministry Fisheries, 


    Jonathan Poh

    "Sustainability, Health and Social Benefits of Aquariums"

    Secretary General OFI


    Scott Dowd

    "Imagine the Aquarium Hobby Without Project Piaba"

    Executive Director

    Project Piaba


    Michael Tuccinardi

    "Export / packing / best practice"

    Carolina Aquatics 


    Dr Anthony Mazeroll

    "Peru aquarium fish farming"


    Kapila Tissera

    "Induced Breeding for Tropical Fish"

    Lumbini Aquarium

    Sri Lanka

    Nathalie Gamain

    "EU Regulations, what is the future for export to the EU??"

    OFI EU Affairs Officer


    Dr Mathew N Bond

    "The home aquarium supply chain: delivering benefits for people and wildlife?"

    Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA)


    Dr Mini Sekharan

    "Emerging Opportunities in the Dynamic Aquarium Business in India"

    Cochin University of Science and Technology


    Gayatri Reksodihardjo – Lilley

    "Introducing Marine Aquarium Project Indonesia "



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    our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Singapore time)


    Whatsapp: +6582231434


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