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What Does OFI Do?

OFI is a trade organisation and works on behalf of our members. OFI represents and promotes the interests of the industry through lobbying to various institutions around the world; as well as educating industry and hobbyists in responsible and sustainable Best Practices. Last year, OFI members have adopted its new charter for the conduct of an ethical, fair and legal trade. This work falls into two broad categories:

  • The first is communications, we provide information and education  to members on issues relevant to them through a range of methods; regular newsletters, member updates, educational book seriesOFI Journal, as well as representing the ornamental fish industry at various meetings, conferences and tradeshows around the world.
  • The other key area we work on is representing the interests of the ornamental fish industry. OFI attends meetings with various government officials around the world to discuss issues regarding our industry.  

OFI is a trade association, not a quality assurance scheme. Nevertheless OFI members have a very good reputation. Members of OFI are committed to adhere to the OFI Charter that outlines ethical and sustainability ‘Best Practices’ that members abide by. OFI lobby’s various government and IGO (CITES, FAO) and NGOs throughout the world on behalf of members.

It is important that trade organizations provide a positive message about our industry to support and defend the countless number of companies, workers and hobbyists around the world who rely on and/or enjoy the aquarium fish hobby.

Some of Our Recent Success  Stories

The following items are just a few examples of that OFI has done on behalf of the aquarium industry. OFI has successfully:

  • Successfully lobbied the European Commission to exclude tropical species of Labridae (Wrasse) from export restrictions due VHS concerns as per Regulation (EU) 2022/95. This allowed all Labridae species to once again be imported into the EU.
  • Negotiated the ‘Closed Facility’  status for imports of ornamental fish to the EU – without this imports would be far more restrictive and expensive in the EU
  • Contracted Nathalie Gamain as EU affairs Officer, monitoring and lobbying for the ornamental aquatic industry within the EU which has allowed us to maintain a presence in many key WU working groups such as Invasive Alien Species, Aquatic Animal Health, Aquaculture and other pivotal groups that produce and or influence legislation relevant to our industry 
  • Argued for the removal of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) freedom on Health Certificates for fish shipped to the EU in 2006-2009 – this would have affected the import of around 45% of species imported into the EU. OFI has now successfully argued this twice with again successfully arguing this again in 2021
  • Negotiated the EU temporary precautionary measure for Bsal - which has prevented a complete ban but furthermore the creation of a precedent for such situation handling at the EU level (the EC plans to extend its validly period and this based upon the run situation assessment by OFI this year)
  • Negotiated the removal of the water lettuce (Pistiastratiotes) from the EU IAS list of concern second update.
  • Argued against listing of Bangai Cardinalfish at 2 CITES CoPs
  • Argued against a ban in trade of hard corals at CITES, instrumental in securing a CITES permit system rather than outright ban in trade of hard corals
  • Lobbied the Indonesian government and other stakeholders regarding the coral export suspension in Indonesia that crippled the export industry which was finally lifted after 18 months

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our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Singapore time)


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