Call for Industry Support for Fijian Reef Restoration Project

OFI member Walt Smith International has released an open letter to the ornamental fish industry seeking support for the ADE Project that they are associated with. The ADE Project assists local communities to ‘plant’ corals to restore degraded reef areas around Fiji. Walt states that they have planted more corals on the Fijian reefs than have been exported to help make their industry sustainable.

Walt hopes that if industry shows more support for this project it will help in the negotiations to try and maintain exports of coral and liverocks from Fiji. This is essential if marine ornamental exporters are to maintain viable businesses and to continue the employment of hundreds of Fijian locals. Many of these people face the loss of their jobs with no alternative employment prospects, and this comes juts 2 years after the devastating cyclone that destroyed many of their homes and communities.


If you want to help support the work of the ADE Project in Fiji, follow this link to make a donation.


Walt’s letter to industry can be downloaded here


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