Tests for Detection of Illegal Cyanide Fishing a Step Closer

The issue of Illegal Cyanide Fishing in marine fisheries has been a problem for many years. This practice is used in the collection of reef fish for food and for the ornamental fish industry, and due to its dangerous and destructive nature is illegal in most countries around the world. The ornamental fish in general disapproves of this practice and our OFI Charter specifically states that members should not trade in cyanide caught fish. However, there is no reliable and practical test for the detection of cyanide use in fish and for this reason it can be difficult to detect and prosecute this illegal practice. Fortuneately a test for Cyanide is a step closer.

With the view to developing a practical and validated test, OATA has released their findings from a study on the current challenges and how these can best be overcome to implement a robust and practical cyanide detection method that can be used by industry and regulators. The suitability of current tests was also reviewed. It is hoped this study will focus efforts to finally produce a reliable test that can be used in the field to help halt this illegal practice.


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