Whether you’re an ornamental fish farms, ornamental fish exporter or importer, retailer, or provider of other services to the ornamental fish industry, join Ornamental Fish International (OFI) now to have your say on the future of your industry and secure a positive future for your business.

Why should you join us?

We are the only international organisation that is dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the ornamental fish industry. We’re trying to keep the ornamental fish industry thriving but we can’t do it without you so please join OFI today and show your support for our industry. Your voice is important, and as a member of OFI you can help shape the future of our industry. Our membership is open to any ornamental fish based business and by joining as a member you’re helping to keep your industry alive.

How much does it cost?

The annual membership fee is €735. However for developing countries we do offer a discount on membership based on a countries GDP and price parity calculation. If you are unsure whether you may be eligible for a membership discount simply email your details to secretariat@ofish.org to confirm. 

What does membership buy me?

Your membership support helps us to do our work on your behalf, such as:

  • Representing the interests  of  ornamental fish industry across a range of government world bodies/governments to make sure fish, plants, invertebrates, continue to be traded and/or influence decision makers to ensure the interests of the industry are heard
  • Helping you to keep up-to-date with the latest news that could affect your business through our e-newsletter and the broad range of information on our website
  • Seeking to promote high standards of husbandry and welfare within the industry with our OFI Charter and the OFI Educational series
  • Promoting the hobby of fishkeeping through our online videos, social media and work with the press

Keep up to date

  • Get regular updates on industry issues and government changes affecting your business. Free with your OFI membership:
    • Member Updates – key issues affecting your business, updates on lobbying activity and opportunities to have your say on issues.
    • OFI  Journal – published 3 times per year which is a must read for anyone in the industry!
    • Industry-Specific Workshops – free workshops held in most states throughout the year.

Build your business

Network with members, refresh your skills or educate and motivate your staff at one of the many OFI events, with members-only discounts of up to 30%. OFI generally has a boothg at these events that members are welcome to sue for meetings etc. Key events trhat OFI will attend in 2017 include

  • 2nd Ornamental Fish Industry Conference Feb 2017
  • OFI AGM: Global Pets Expo in Orlando Florida Mar 2017
  • Aquarama
  • Aquarealm
  • CIPS: November 2017

Market your business

  • Each month, PIAA gets hundreds of enquiries from consumers wanting to find a professional pet business. Don’t miss the chance to put your business on consumers’ shopping list!
  • free business listing for OFI members in our members directory
  • discounted advertising in the OFI Journal and banner advertising on our website, which goes out to ornamental fish businesses around the world.


Join OFI

To join simply click on this this link, fill out and submit the form. If you are unsure how much to pay for membership leave the payment option blank and we will sned you a pro-forma invoice with your membership fee.