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Ananda Pathirana (Andy)

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60/1, Sri Gnanendra Road
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 1 1263 5825
+94 1 1261 1145
+94 1 635825
+94 1 611145+947 2243 8321
+947 7735 3096
EUS Disease free: Not disease free
KHV Disease free: Not disease free
SVC Disease free: Not disease free
WSD Disease free: Not disease free

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42 years experience in exporting marine/freshwater fish to all corners of the world. A massive two-hundred-thousand (20000) gallon/4000 tank stocking facility running under simply the best filtering system in Sri Lanka and one of the best in Asia. 4 freshwater out growing farms in three different locations suitable for Guppy, Angel, Platy & Kois. Breeders of top quality Sea Horse (Hippocampus reidi), the only breeder of this specimen in the world, which are 100% tank bred and tank raised INSTEAD of raised in cages in their natural habitat, hence the survival rate is 100%.This is the real deal! Try us!

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